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Real estate is the biggest investment that most people (and business) make in their lifetimes.  However, many people never think to hire an attorney to help them with their transactions – real estate brokers make money on commissions & do not have fiduciary duties to their clients.

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Here’s our general real estate law practice areas:

  1. Real Estate Contracts
  2. Specific Performance
  3. Mortgage Foreclosure
  4. Mechanic’s Liens
  5. Land Use Planning & Zoning.

Real Estate Contracts

Contracts in real estate often contain time is of the essence clauses.  That means that deadlines in them matter.  Most of the deadlines are very tight – like five (5) days, fourteen (14) days, or twenty-eight (28) days.

The real estate contracts often have “attorney fees” clauses & also contain an “attorney modification” clause that acts as a cooling off period so that people – with a lawyer’s help – can exit the real estate sale contract within a specific period of time.

Numerous amendments to sale contracts for real estate also make it quite difficult to safely exit the contract, which makes a person who has contracted to buy or sell real estate liable for actions in our second practice area.

Specific Performance in Real Estate Contracts

Real estate contracts can be specifically performed by a lawsuit to enforce their terms because land is unique and not able to be satisfied by money damages.

Many real estate contracts have attorney fees clauses that reward the winner in court with the cost for their attorney.  Specific performance litigation can run well over $10,000.  So having an attorney help defend or assert your rights in specific performance actions for the sale of real estate can make all the difference in having to buy or sell, and also pay for the other party’s attorney fees.

Mortgage Foreclosure Attorneys

When a mortgage defaults, a bank can foreclose on the real estate.  A mortgage is a grant of a security interest in a piece of real property.  This security interest acts as a lien on the real estate to secure payment of a promissory note tied to the mortgage.

Mortgage foreclosure defense or prosecution can be very complex because of the statutory framework involved and the unique facts that may give rise to certain deadlines.  Please call our experienced mortgage foreclosure attorneys located in Peoria, Illinois today to help with your legal action.

Mechanic’s Liens & Attorney Fees

Mechanic’s Liens protect contractors like plumbers, electricians, or general contractors that have done work on real estate, but for some reason did not receive their pay. Mechanic’s liens, like other real estate actions, require complying with a statute and a careful eye to deadlines.

Mechanic’s lien litigation is very often complex and expensive – but the statute provides for attorneys fees in mechanic’s liens cases.  If your company has not been paid on a job and requires help foreclosing its mechanic’s lien – our experienced Collateral Base attorneys can help you at every step of the way.  Call us now.

Peoria Real Estate Lawyers Experienced in Land Use & Zoning

In Peoria, Illinois, or any county in Illinois, municipalities have their own methods for zoning real estate and for the various changes to the type of zoning, from residential to agricultural or industrial. If you need help with a variance or change of zoning, contact our offices to put our experienced real estate legal team to work for your land use planning or zoning issue.

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